Before and after school programs for the fall are full. Please email Leslie through for availability heading in to 2018.

“NoSchool?NatureLab!” returns 9/21 with Fall Physics.

water bug


Engineers unite! Water striders, houseboats, and Venice served as inspiration for NatureLab water structures ‐ an exploration in surface tension, mass, material resistance to water, and weight distribution.

class photo

Collecting 101

A program for adults, in Collecting 101, we discussed “how-to’s” from deciding what to collect, researching laws and regulations, to moral concerns and preparing specimens.

water creature

Water Bears

Gotta love ‘em. Nearly indestructible and a very good starting point for a moon house. (Video)

cicadas group photo

Chocolate Cicadas

Imported cicadas and domestic chocolates. In spite of the 2013 Brood II re-emergence skipping a goodly portion of the DC area, we managed to wrangle a few cicadas in time for our program at City Blossoms. In addition to delighting everyone in the garden, the cicadas inspired two design projects – seasonal chocolate and anti-bacterial coatings.

class photo


Choose your favorite animals, select their defining characteristics, take a walk outside for inspiration, mash it all up and play.

working with bark and book

Bones and Branches

Bones and branches share similarities inside and out. The NatureLab looked at bone and cell structure images and colors, discussed the role of bones and branches as structural elements, went outside (of course!), then came back to the Lab to make ‘dem “bones”.

class photo

Egg Drop 1.0

Let’s build a nest, put an egg in it, drop it and see if we kept from scrambling the egg. Yes, really. In this time-honored design education staple, we put our nests to the test – but only with a three-foot drop. Let’s go for Egg Drop 2.0 and try a six foot drop or maybe higher… We’ll definitely need more sticks.

class photo


We log because we love. The NatureLab documents our finds with date, location, and sensory qualities. Writing a description reminds us of the smell or feeling of the objects in our collection. Send us an email request and we’ll send you back a one-sheet log to document up to four items personalized with your name!