Our staff are highly skilled, passionate, and creative art, science, design, and nature educators and advocates with a variety of backgrounds. 

  • Leslie Sluger, Founder
Leslie (she/her) is a design educator, a chief curator, a practicing architect, and one of the NatureLab founders. She's passionate about fostering and rekindling a closer understanding of our natural world. Leslie is proud to have created a space where so many can access that understanding, keep learning, and be themselves. Leslie has degrees in Fine Arts and Architecture from the Rhode Island School of Design and an MBA from the University of Maryland. Leslie is a parent to three children and many dogs and cats. 
  • William Angelis, Founder
Bill (he/him) is a NatureLab founder, educator, and practicing architect. Bill is passionate about science and engineering, and loves to be outside. His programs combine his interests to reach new heights of creativity and discovery. He has a BFA and BARCH from the Rhode Island School of Design in Fine Arts and Architecture. 
  • Mei Mei Chang, Teaching Artist
Mei Mei (she/her) is an incredibly talented multidisciplinary artist. Mei Mei has been working with the NatureLab since 2015, leading beloved workshops on art, photography, sewing, animation, and many, many more unique and exciting topics. Mei Mei has an MFA in Photography from Ohio University. She has an extensive portfolio of mixed media and installation art. 
  • Oliver Trunk, Assistant Program Director
Oliver (he/him) is a creator, maker, and educator who loves to ask questions. He has worked as a special education paraeducator at MCPS as well as his many years at the Nature Lab, encouraging children to question, create, and explore. Oliver is passionate about making education fun and accessible for all. He was born and raised in Takoma Park, and graduated from the University of Maryland with a BA in Criminology and Criminal Justice with a minor in Linguistics.
    • Max Ludden, Assistant Program Director
    Max (they/them) is passionate about science and art as lenses to view the natural world. They have been working for the Nature Lab since 2020, bringing their creative approach to learning and teaching to our programming. Max spent time as an education specialist at NASA as well as a teacher and curriculum developer at Linder Academy. They have a BA in Biology and a BA in Writing and Rhetoric from Syracuse University, and an M.Ed in Curriculum and Instruction from the American College of Education.
    • Evalyn Angelis, Assistant Program Director
      Evalyn (she/her) has grown up alongside the NatureLab since its inception in 2011. She is a proud sister, mentor, anthropologist, art appreciator, and cat parent. Evalyn graduated in 2023 with a BA in Anthropology and a minor in History from St. Mary's College of Maryland. She looks forward to building upon our Labbies' understandings of past and present material culture and its interactions with the natural world.

      In addition to our NatureLab staff educators, we also offer opportunities for counselors (high school and above) and counselors-in-training (middle school). If you are interested in working at the NatureLab for the summer, NoSchool days, or one afternoon a week during the school year, please check out our Interest Page.

        As always, if you have any other questions, please feel free to contact Leslie at or (301)-814-9213.