Art. Sci. Out.

Edli, a NatureLab, is a community education center for all. We inspire engagement through the limitless patterns, structures, and processes found in the natural world.

A Nature Lab

Located in Takoma Park, Edli's NatureLab is a STE(A)M-based education center. We believe in a STE(A)M powered world, and we are busy integrating arts with science, technology, engineering, and math. Our goal is to encourage exploration of the natural world with drawing, observing, measuring, building, connecting, and making.

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Upcoming events!

  1. Nov 12 - Dec 17

    Workshop Seasonally Spicy
  2. Dec 25 - Jan 03

    Winter Break MCPS
  3. Jan 15

    NoSchool? Naturelab! Mutual Aid
  4. Jan 26

    NoSchool? Naturelab! Ancient Societies
  5. Jan 29

    Noschool! Naturelab! Archeology
  6. Feb 15

    Noschool? NAturelab! NEsts
  7. Feb 16

    Noschool? NAturelab! Crystals pt. 1
  8. Feb 19

    Noschool? NAturelab! Crystals pt. 2
  9. Feb 20-23

    DCPS February Break rock || water