Mornings + Afternoons at the NatureLab! 

In the morning, we accept children at 8:00am to work on art/science/curiosity projects, journal, read, play games, and finish homework. We enjoy a morning snack at 8:30am and walk to TPES/PBES schools at 8:45 for arrival by 9:15am.

Afternoons at the NatureLab! A core element of our program since 2013, we meet our Kindergarten through 5th grade students at their schools at dismissal (even early release days). We then enjoy a snack, play at the park, head toward a hands-on project, or explore our city.

After school includes both open and structured programs in response to the childrens needs and interests. In addition to participating in STE(A)M-based projects, each child is encouraged to explore the wider world - be it building forts at the Gazebo, examining our soils, studying the seasons through senses, exploring outside, or journaling movement through trees.

Children are encouraged to create and explore through a variety of media including drawing, writing, painting, designing with clay and wire, and sewing -  along the way discovering new and interesting ways to think, pose a question for investigation, make, create, and communicate.

Rates are per month based on number of days per week / per month and allocated by either TPES or PBES. 

  • One am/pm day @ $250
  • Two am/pm days @ $380
  • Three am/pm days @ $500
  • Four am/pm days @ $610
  • Five am/pm days @ $715

Discounts for siblings and "teacher" families. Feel free to email us with any questions or requests at lab-up@thenaturelabsite.com.

**Please check out with the pay by "Check Or In Person" option and we'll be in touch over summer**

We look forward to seeing you!

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