Super speedy, super creative, and super strong - they are Hero Bugs waiting for you to bring them to life. 

Each sheet contains a spider, beetle, and bee hero. Characters range from Spiders Sparklemuffin and Portia SeesAll to HVY DTY, the Hercules Beetle, and Double00, the Assassin Bug. Although a few are more anti-hero than hero and a couple are flat out bad guys.

Cards are ready for printing, coloring, and trading. There is a card on each sheet for you to design your own hero. What will it be?!

Get to know your bees, spiders, and beetles in a whole new light.

Directions are included around the perimeter of each sheet. It's simple - print the PDF, cut along solid lines then fold on dashed ines so each Hero Bug card has a front and a back.

All rights reserved. All images, characters, and design are property of the NatureLab.


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